The Galactic Travels of Moose​-​Ship Infinity

by Leo J

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Supplies are low on Moose-Ship-Infinity, the most prestigious galactic cruiser in the 4th region of the Moosehead nebular.

In order to survive, the captain assigns groups of meese for mineral collection... The groups explore uninhabited and potentially dangerous planets in order to retrieve minerals and fuel.

Close your eyes, enter the four legged space suit of a moose and drift through the endless galaxies...




released January 9, 2013

All music, story & voice acting by Leo J
Hat tip to Aaron Waters for the art work.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Low On Minerals (Low On Waste)
Meese of Moose-Ship Infinity, This is your captain speaking.

May I have your full attention please.

It is our 478th year post departure and we have finally reached the inevitable.

Our resources have reached a critical low.

It has come to point where we are feeding back to you your processed waste.

It has also come to our attention that current fuel levels equal to 1 year and 4 days of inner galactic travel.

This limits our number of launches from planets and stars of a quazi gravity rating of above 9.8 to a maximum of 5, assuming the atmosphere is that of
a boreen 7 gradient limit or lower.

For the continuation of our voyage and the survival of our crew we will be allocating squads for mineral collection and other tasks.

IMPORTANT: All neutered and spayed meese meet in sector 3, level 683, base rounding 5, alter twist 46 degrees, room number 4 for health check and squad allocation.

We will ask all remaining meese to refrain from the production of offspring until further notice.

This is you captain speaking.

"Moose Ship Infinity, the greatest cruise for you and me!"
Track Name: Mineral Collection I - The Plutonius Namboids Are Rich In Endo-Syrups Here
Captain: All right squads, meet back at the Ship at 1100 hour and report your findings.

Randel: Righty-o ya heavy hooved suckers, follow my lead.

Percy: Wow, the Plutonious Namboids are rich in endo syrups here.

Randel: Unless you got info on some minerals, I don't wana hear it Percy.

Percy: ah Right.

Eddy: I think Percy has something here. If these namboids are consistent with a numo moleculous, we may have a source of nourishment.

Gina: That's right. My TX-80 is picking up large quantities of endo syrups, but... I can't see the Namboids...

Randel: Gimme a look at that thing! .... Aha! You idiots, we're walking on em! Look! I've syrup all over my hooves!

Percy: Oh, We will just need to do a test in order check its numo status. ...just a second...

Randel: What are ya talking about? It's syrup! Ya just eat it! Watch me!

Everybody: "No!!"

Randel: [EATS] Mmmmmm tastes better than the gunk they've been feeding us lately. [Cough]

Eddy: Oh my...

Percy: We'll take this sample back to the ship to be analysed.