Full Ghetto

by The Brooklyn BC MCs



released June 18, 2013



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Track Name: The Jungle is a City
Bang, slam, beat with the hand
my rhythms are potent and never flow a plan
destruction, conduction, my field of instruction
wrap my mouth around the mic and you can hear all the suction
Lips will flap in time with the rhythm
hands will clap in time with the rhythm
booties shake in time with the rhythm
the master raps in time with the rhythm

Like a mattress protector that's gone brown with age
I leave my mark behind as I climb off the stage
all the women are screaming all the men are crying
my words are soaring and my beats are flying
There's a billion other people all speaking their tongue
by every breath I breath is a message from my lung
about hunger and starvation of a middle aged nation
sitting under the shelter of plan of creation

Left wing, right wing I stand on my own
I don't follow the rules, I don't live at home
I'm a bad ass walking through the streets at night
I'm a bad ass walking and looking for a fight
Don't rub me the wrong way, cause I don't like that
I don't believe I should be treated like an affectionate cat
I've got my rapping and ma baby and it's all I need
to take the mcs down and make the mcs bleed

I walk through the streets with a mic in my hand
And there's a pressence of power in the way I stand
with my chin hanging low and my shoulders back
my pants down my ass so you can see my crack
then when the moments right, I lift up my gaze
and I eye you down and my fist I raise
up to my mouth and I start to rap
as I reach on up and turn my baseball cap

It's all about me yeah it's all about the king
how I took over the world and now it wears my ring
the jungle is place that I call my own
and the jungle is a city that I call home
the trees are grey and dirt is black
the fruit is white the animals attack
I'm a hunter on foot and I'm on the loose
searching the world for the rapping moose
In the jungle there's no mercy for the man without a tongue
there's no mercy for the widow and no mercy for the young
but a tongue like this you know could take the place down
and a tongue like this is how I gained my crown
I beat my way to the top and I never stop
my mouth keeps rolling all night till the beat it drop
and then they gather around and they all bow down
and I stand up tall with my feet on the ground